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Sample Test, Rate, Pick Your Favorites, Control The Refills

ThemedSet samplers help tasters discover their favorite snacks, drinks & foods.

Selections Are Rated By Purchasers To Transparently Determine Their Favorites.

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Chocolate Bars



Root Beers


Upcoming TestBites

Once favorites are discovered, ThemedSet home delivers their choices using USPS, UPS, Fed Ex & local bundlers.

Shipped or bundled reorders can be arranged in sets of 100, 50, 25, 12, 6 & 3 pieces or embedded locally.

As customers choose their favorites from our categories they receive a 5% discount on future orders from their favorited companies.

Customers assign favorites to the current 8 categories of Chocolate - Milk, Dark, Extra Dark, Almonds, Caramel, Hazelnuts, Mint & Spicy.

So a customers 5% discount for their favorite Chocolate Hazelnut brand can be different than their favorite Milk Chocolate manufacturer.

Tastecoin's upcoming ThemedSet themes will be include: various types of mini chocolate bars, gummies, mustards, pretzels,

almond butters, bbq sauces, brownies, candies, chips, cookies, cornbreads, crisps, ginger drinks, hot sauces, jams, jerkies,

kale chips, nonpareils, nuts, oils, peanut butter cups, preserves, salsas, sauces, speads, sweeteners, teas & more.

ThemedSet Rewards Consumers With Future Discounts & Tastecoins used for Ephemera & Tchotchkes.

Consumers earn Tastecoins from rating contestants, giving testimonials & posting them on social media.

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Milk, Dark, Extra Dark, Almonds, Hazelnuts, Mint & Spicy.

For Non-Food Products Try ThemedSets.com

Feast, Play, Enjoy, Learn, Wear, Adorn, Smile, Relax, Party, Track.

Foods, Candy, Beverages, Juice Flavors, Snacks, Soda Flavors, Distributors.

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Norman Scherer - Principal

(917) 822-1870


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Sparta & Surrounding NJ Towns, Beta Tests Tastecoin's Family Fun This Spring.